One of our many family samovar sets, with Russian lacquered art and khokhloma in the background
(Skibo Dacha, North Carolina)
ski·bo  \ˈskiːboʊ\  noun    1 : a piece of heaven    2 : an enchanted place

Our Story

Our mission is to bring high quality tea to our customers and allow them to taste tea as it was meant to be.
These are our promises to you:

Social responsibility
Kindness to our body and the planet
Brilliant blends and flavors
Outstanding service and quality tea
    Skibo Tea House is a family-owned and family-run tea business with a Russian tradition. Tea has been part of our lives for as long as we can remember. A samovar is a staple in my grandmother’s kitchen in the south of Russia, and it has always been part of the scenery of our memories. We grew up enjoying tea with every meal, every day, even in 100 degree weather.

    The Skibo family has roots all over the world. The Skibo matriarch, Liubov, came to the US from Russia over twenty years ago with an Ecuadorian husband she had met in Moscow studying agro-chemistry in the 1970s. By 1989, they had immigrated from Russia to Ecuador, and, finally, to New York with three children: Angela, Alexey, and Masha -- drinking tea along the entire journey. Twenty years later, the Skibos have become chemists, business owners, aerospace engineers, and even actors; but, always, tea connoisseurs. Today, mother, Luba, and daughters, Angela and Masha, decided to open a Russian style tea house to bring you the joy of tea we have enjoyed in our family for generations.

    My love for tea began many years ago in the South American nation of Ecuador when I was a young child. It was a Sunday morning and I was at a family brunch. I always insisted on drinking tea but that day I was served coffee accidentally and the adults refused to let it go to waste, so I had to drink the coffee. Ever since, I have been converting my coffee-drinking friends one by one to tea by sharing my personal tea stash with them and allowing them to experience high quality loose tea. They loved it so much that I finally decided to spread the conversion to the rest of the world yet unexposed to the wonderful world of tea.

    Most people have only had prepackaged tea in “tea bags” and, thus, have never experienced the real, enlightening taste of tea. It would be like eating crumbs instead of actually having the pastry.  The large corporations buy the leftover bits and pieces from the tea growers - the stuff that fell on the floor - and put it into a tea bag. High quality tea is a camellia sinensis leaf that has been rolled, dried, oxidized and fermented to flavor perfection. When you steep the loose tea, it opens up to reveal the original leaf and you can truly appreciate the process involved in creating the flavor swirling in your cup. In keeping with Russian loose leaf tradition, it is our mission to bring that exquisite taste to you.

    The Skibo family has always believed in sustainability and the importance of doing our part in creating a better tomorrow. We live as green as possible in our personal lives, and bring those principles with us to work. We understand that everyone has their own level of commitment, but we promise to go green whenever possible and to seek environmentally-friendly and socially-conscious products and hope you enjoy the ones we do offer. We offer a selection of organic, fair trade, and ethical tea partnership products, which are denoted with a corresponding symbol when applicable. You can browse our devoted section to organic products for those of you shopping green.

    Tea has evolved to such an extent that almost any flavor can be paired with the right tea. It is fun to create unique blends for occasions or individuals, and we offer personal blending service.  It’s a great way to memorialize your wedding or celebration and also makes a unique gift for loved ones. Just give us a call to get started!

    There is so much to discover about tea that one can dedicate an entire lifetime to the subject and still not know everything. But, as they say, the fun is in the journey and we hope you come along for the ride.

Enjoy your heavenly experience with Skibo Tea House!

Angela Mendieta Skibo
STI Certified since 2007
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