Tea Brewing Guide:
Prepare the perfect cup of tea by type and explore other cultural brewing methods!
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Tea Brewing Guide

Western Brewing Method:

The main components in properly brewing tea are the tea itself, water, time, and the temperature of water.

1. Measure tea
Tea can be brewed by cup or pot depending on the number of servings you need.

For standard blends, three (3) grams of tea is usually enough for 8 ounces of water. This usually amounts to approximately one (1) tablespoon. If you are brewing tea that has a lot of volume, like chamomile, consider using up to two (2) tablespoons per serving.

Tea infusers and tea bags can be used for individual servings. The key to good tasting brew is to make sure your tea bags are always fresh. The tea in commercially produced bags is typically comprised of small pieces of leaves or fannings that are susceptible to becoming stale faster than the well-stored loose leaf variety.

For larger quantities, a brewing vessel is usually needed. Use about twelve and a half (12.5) grams of tea per one (1) liter of water. Put the loose leaf into the tea strainer and pour the hot water over the leaves into the vessel.

2. Choose steeping medium
For best taste, it is preferable to brew tea in loose leaf form rather than using a small tea ball or infuser if it when convenient. This allows the leaves to fully open and release all their flavor. This is easiest in a brewing vessel with a filtered spout.

Otherwise, add measured tea to steeping medium (tea pot strainer, infuser, tea bag, etc.).

3. Pour hot water
When water is boiled, pour over leaves into pot/cup. If vessel is glass, you may want to gently swish a few ounces of the hot water around the sides to heat the glass and prevent damage. Also make sure to never quickly change temperature of glass vessels, i.e., pouring cold sink water over vessel directly after use. Let it cool down first.

4.   Let steep
Check guidelines below and/or instructions that come with the tea for the appropriate steeping time.

5. Enjoy tea!
At this point, you can add any sweeteners you prefer, such as honey or sugar. It's good to taste the tea beforehand because it may not even need any!

Always make sure to remove tea leaves after designated steep time for the best taste! This is especially important for black and green teas that acquire a bitter taste if over-steeped.

The size of the leaf and the type of tea determine the time and temperature of the water needed when brewing. The flavor of the cup can also be adjusted to your liking with the amount of tea, the temperature of the water, and the time for infusion.

Guidelines for brewing HERBAL/TISANE:

            Steeping Time: 5-7 minutes    Temp: 205-212 F  

Herbal teas usually steep longer and you don't have to worry as much about a bitter taste if left too long. They usually also require hotter water to bring out the flavors and therapeutic properties.

Russian Brewing Method:
Coming Soon!

Chai Brewing Method:

IMPORTANT: Turn your bag of Chai upside down a few times. The powdered spices can settle to the bottom during transit.

Hot tea: Bring freshly drawn cold water to a rolling boil.
                Place 1 heaping teaspoon of tea for each cup into the teapot.
                Pour boiling water into teapot.
                Cover and let steep for 5-10 minutes (for true 'Chai' steep at least 7 minutes).
                While the tea is brewing prepare your cup to receive the chai - put 2 teaspoons of sugar in the cup and add   
                    milk (about 20% of the cup's volume).
                When the chai is ready - pour into your cup.

Iced tea: (to make 1 liter/quart): Place 6 teaspoons of tea into a teapot or heat resistant pitcher.
                                                          Pour 1 1/4 cups of freshly boiled water over the tea.
                                                          Steep for 5 minutes.
                                                          Quarter fill a serving pitcher with cold water.
                                                          Pour the tea into your serving pitcher straining the leaves.
                                                          Add ice, milk, sugar and top-up the pitcher with cold water.
                                                          Garnish and sweeten to taste.

*Hint: double the strength of tea when preparing iced tea since it will be diluted with ice.

Enjoy your Sip of Tea Heaven!
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